Monochrome Wednesday #27

Old cameras

Today in my Link Party - Monochrome Wednesday - old cameras. Today my favorite equipment, cameras. Of course, I am used to a bit more modern, but I like the old ones. I remember those times, when the plate had limited capacity and we had to think things through and well set.

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6 komentarzy:

  1. Are these all your cameras?
    Thank you for hosting!
    Greetings from Germany ... Frauke

    1. Not mine, it is a museum. But one of these cameras I have in my collection.

  2. I think learning on the old-style film cameras was really valuable.

  3. I wasn't interested in photography when these were popular, but I do remember them.

  4. Yes that was the fotography my grandfather worked with - for a perfect portrait I had to stand 15 Min. in the full sun and smile all the time. ;-)) Greetings from Marion

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