Someone looking at me

Was going to be it will be a usual day. I walked over to the window like everyday to see what the weather is. And he was there, his eyes pierced me. But I do not chickened out, I grabbed the camera and immediately I made him a photo. He has his own. I reflected, novel writing, or what? Just flew a bird so I made him a photo.

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  1. Right place at a right time. These photo is priceless so loving it!!!


  2. Being there at the right time and place is the clue. You grabbed that camera and took the shot. Now that precious memory is captured. Excellent job!
    JM, IL-U.S.A.

  3. He was waiting for his photo to be taken!

  4. He is famous now! :)
    Happy WW!

  5. Such a sweet bird.
    I've been watching a mama owl care for her two owlets who were born within the past few days - it's at Check it out - I think you'll enjoy it.
    Please come link up at

  6. I love this! What a fantastic shot.
    Thanks for linking up with Wordless Wednesday.

  7. Lovely ... fab that it didn't fly away. So pretty. #WordlessWednesday