12 photos

Today I decided to participate in the action 12 of 12. Here are my photos from the last 12 posts.

1. A little green, ok maybe a little more.
2. Spring view of longing for the green.
3. Two skies in black and white.
4. Seagull looks for spring.
5. The stone faces on the wall of the old church.
6. Forgotten technique, the old clock oil level.
7. Easter hare. Easter Ok maybe not, but I just had such a picture.
8. A storm. I love the sea, still cold, but I dream about swimming.
9. Passover Lamb. In the end, we have Easter, so something in the subject.
10. Knock and the door will be opened. Large knocker on the door of the church. I love these ornaments.
11. My cup. I know it's not art, or anything beautiful, but I like it.
12. Summer sky. This is my favorite view, green at the bottom and blue at the top, and of course the white clouds.

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